Energy Audits


We want our homes in Toronto, Mississauga or Richmond Hill to be not only secure and reliable but also comfortable. Comfort is identified as a condition when occupants do not feel any changes in temperature in various rooms or areas of their homes. We can achieve comfort by installing more efficient windows and doors, increasing level of insulation and putting more efficient heating system. If everyone would have an unlimited budget this would not be difficult to achieve. In reality this is not the case. And before you start your renovation project it is a good idea to have an energy audit performed for your house.

What is an energy audit?

This is an assessment of your home’s construction type, amount of insulation in the walls and ceiling, review of the mechanical system and ventilation, identification of air leaks and modeling a house in the energy efficiency software HOT-2000. A certified energy advisor will then provide you with a detailed report, including recommendations on energy improvements in various areas of your home. In other words, its evaluation of the house as a system. This will help you to understand how to perform your retrofit so that improvement to one component will not impact the performance of the other.   During an energy audit in Toronto, Mississauga or Richmond Hill we collect information about the house and perform a Blower Door test. Then we conduct a comprehensive walkthrough with you to identify and point out air leaks as well as provide you with advice on their remediation, which can usually be achieved very inexpensively.

Blower Door is a state of the art equipment widely used in building science. It depressurizes a house to 50 Pa and helps to identify correctly air leakage locations that otherwise would be hard to notice. The use of the Blower Door, like any other equipment, requires an experienced operator.


 Yuri Olhovsky is NRCan certified energy advisor with a solid background in building science. He conducted thousands of energy audits for existing houses in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and other Ontario cities. He is also a certified ENERGY STAR evaluator for new homes. His involvement with the builder from design stage to completion ensures that a labeled ENERGY STAR home will be comfortable for the occupants and at the same time will allow up to 25-30% in savings on utility costs.


Our fees for energy audit depend strictly on the house area but basement is included in its calculation. The base fee for the houses less than 2500 sq.ft including the basement is $400. Any floor area above 2500 sq.ft is priced at $25 for each additional 500 sq.ft. Taxes are not included. Please note that an energy audit does not include infrared thermal imaging scan. We will be happy to use IR camera during your energy audit for an additional fee.